BSC Friends Forever Special:
Everything Changes

ISBN 0-590-50391-X
160 pages; Ages 8-12

The BSC will never be the same again...

It's a summer the BSC members will never forget. For some, it's time to leave the club. For others, it's time to make a new beginning. Plenty of surprises await them - boyfriend troubles, friendship feuds, tough decisions, and totally unexpected adventures. Throughout it all, one thing is for sure: By the time the summer is over, the BSC will be very different... and better than ever!

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July 19

Dear Mary Anne,

I am speechless. I am so speechless that my brain can't even tell my hand what to write. I tried recording this in my journal but I could barely get any words out, so I thought I'd write to you instead.

Mary Anne, there must be something very bad in the air this summer. Or maybe there is bad karma around me. Or I'm giving off a bad aura. Something. Because there has to be an explanation for what is happening.

Here is today's bad news.

Abby quit the BSC.

Can you believe it.

I couldn't. Not at first. I thought she was making a very unkind and cruel joke. But she wasn't.

It was our free hour and everyone was meandering out of their cabins, trying to decide what they wanted to do. I was thinking about riding one of the horses, and I called to Abby to see if there was any way she could come along. (So far, she starts sneezing when she's still yards away from the horses.)

"Kristy," she said. "I was about to ask you if you wanted to come with me."


"Down to the dock or someplace. Where we can talk."

Right away I was suspicious. "Talk about what ?"

"Well... let me tell you when we're all settled. You want a Mars Bar?"

"Not as badly as I want you to tell me whatever it is."

Abby gave me the Mars Bar anyway. Then we decided to just sit on the porch of our cabin. Abby waited until I'd taken a bite of candy. Then she said, "Kristy, I've decided to drop out of the Baby-Sitters Club."

I nearly choked. "WHAT?? Why? Why are you dropping out? I hope you have a really good reason!" This is when I briefly thought maybe this was just a bad joke.

"Well, I don't know if you'll think it's a good reason, but it seems like a good reason to me." Abby looked at the ground for a few moments, then she went on. "Kristy, this was a difficult decision for me, but I finally realized that the BSC just takes up too much of my time. I want more time for soccer. And I could afford to spend a little more time on my homework. And I'd just like some FREE time. You know time to hang out and do whatever I feel like doing. Camp has been so great. I'd forgotten what it feels like to have free time, instead of running from school to soccer to a BSC meeting to a sitting job.

"So anyway I've decided to drop out. It wasn't an easy decision, but it's my final decision."

And that was the end of that. I stood up and left Abby sitting on the porch. I haven't spoken to her since. She is not my friend. How could she be anybody's friend? She's a traitor, a wimp, a bad sport, and extremely lazy.


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