BSC Friends Forever #11:
Welcome Home, Mary Anne

ISBN 0-590-52346-5
142 pages; Ages 8-12

Nothing stays the same...

Mary Anne's been going through some big changes lately. She has a new house and a new boyfriendless life. Her stepsister, Dawn, is coming to stay for the summer, which is always fun.

But this time Dawn is bringing a guest: Sunny, her best friend from California. Sunny's been going through changes that are even bigger than Mary Anne's; her mom just died and she isn't ready to fully face it yet.

How can Mary Anne and Dawn help her?

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Welcome Home, Mary Anne

"Whoa," I heard Dawn say under her breath. "Sunny's good, isn't she?"

I could hardly answer. She was so good it was scaring me. I could have spent every day for a month at the pool without a guy approaching me. But all Sunny had to do was smile and make eye contact. It was as if some force field were around her that drew guys in.

"Hey," said Cole, sitting down next to Sunny.

"Hey," Sunny replied. "What's up?"

"The sun." Cole grinned.

"Funny you should mention that. That's my name. Sunny."

"I'm Cole."

"And this is Dawn, and this, " Sunny said, pausing significantly, "is Mary Anne." She gestured toward me as if I were some precious jewel she were showing off.

"I know you." Cole gave me a closer look. "Don't you go out with that guy Logan Bruno? He's a pretty good ballplayer."

"I used to," I said.

Cole nodded. "Cool."

Sunny gave me a Look.

Cole hung around for awhile. And by the time he left, he'd asked if the three of us wanted to go to a movie that weekend, with him and two of his friends. I would have hesitated, but Sunny? She said yes before I could say a word.

And I didn't want to put a damper on her enthusiasm. After all, she was here to heal and move on. If that meant I had to go to the movies with a bunch of boys I hardly knew, who was I to say no? I wanted Sunny to be happy.

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