BSC Friends Forever #12:
Claudia and the Disaster Date

ISBN 0-590-52348-1
128 pages; Ages 8-12

Oh, boy!

Alan Gray is immature, silly, goofy, and not to be trusted. Or at least that's what Claudia used to think.

Now she is dating him.

But has Alan really changed? Claudia can't tell whether Alan's a dream date or a disaster date.

Alan's got one last chance. Will Claudia find luv?

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Claudia and the Disaster Date

We rode to my house in silence.

"Thanks," I said when I got out. "It was fun."

"It was?" Alan said. I had the sudden, uncomfortable feeling that he knew exactly what I was thinking. But that wasn't possible. Was it?

"See you later," I went on.

"I hope so," said Alan. But his voice was cool, careful. Very un-Alan.

I hurried into the house. The car pulled away.

Upstairs in my room, I flopped on my bed. I'd been on worse dates, but few that had felt so awkward. How had that happened? Up until tonight, I'd enjoyed Alan's company and I was pretty sure he'd enjoyed mine.

But tonight, he'd been stiff, awkward. And that had made me feel the same way.

Or did I make Alan feel weird? Had he picked up on my nervousness about being seen with him?

That would be a first, I told myself. Someone else making Alan feel weird.

I knew I wasn't being fair. But I was tired. And confused. How could I go out with somebody if I always had to worry about what he might do, or what other people might thing?

It wasn't worth it.

It just wasn't worth it.

I told myself that over and over until I finally fell asleep.

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