BSC Friends Forever #3:
Mary Anne's Big Breakup

ISBN 0-590-52326-0
144 pages; Ages 8-12

It's time for a change, Mary Anne!

Everyone thinks Mary Anne and Logan are the perfect couple. Everyone except Mary Anne. Logan's definitely a great guy. But lately things have been weird between the two of them. Mary Anne wants a change... even if it hurts. It's the end of Mary-Anne-and-Logan. And it's the beginning of the new Mary Anne.

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"Logan," I repeated, mixing his name with an unhappy sigh.

Everyone turned and stared at me.

"What?" I asked, surprised by the sudden attention.

"The way you just said Logan," Stacey explained.

"It was the same way a person might say the word liver," Kristy put in.

"Or homework," added Claudia.

"What's the matter?" Kristy asked.

I sighed again. "It's just that..." My voice trailed off. It was so hard to put this into words. "Things don't seem to be...the way they were."

"In what way?" Stacey asked.

"I don't know. I used to feel so happy when I knew Logan was coming over or that I'd see him in school. Now I just feel like - Is he here again?" I couldn't believe I was really saying these things. But they were true.

"Things went flat like that for Josh and me," Claudia said, talking about her ex-boyfriend.

"But you and Josh have stayed friends," I replied. "I wonder if Logan and I could."

"Hold on!" Kristy cried, leaning way forward in her chair. "What do you mean 'If Logan and I could'? You're not actually thinking of breaking up with Logan, are you?"

It was weird. Up until that very moment I hadn't wanted to think beyond the fact that things weren't working. So the words that came out of my mouth next surprised even me.

"Yes," I said. "I think I am."

My friends stared at me as if they couldn't believe what they'd heard.

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