BSC Friends Forever #5:
Kristy Power!

ISBN 0-590-52332-5
144 pages; Ages 8-12

You've gotta fight for your right!

Kristy's at the center of a big school controversy involving a cool teacher and some not-so-cool enemies. Kristy needs all the help she can get - even from Cary Retlin, her archrival. Krisy and Cary have been spending a lot of time together, since they're supposed to write each other's life stories for school. But the more Kristy knows about Cary, the less she understands him... until she sneaks a peek at his journal. Has Kristy gone too far?

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Oh, yeah. This was Cary's room all right. There was no mistaking it. Who else would have a poster of the universe with a little YOU ARE HERE arrow pointing to Earth? Who else would have a weird painting of clocks melting all over the place? (Claudia told me later that it was probably by a guy named Salvador Dali, who was famous for "surreal" paintings.) Or one of a man with a big green apple for a head? (That was by Magritte, according to Claudia. Also a surrealist.)

A bulletin board over his desk was covered with funny postcards, bizarre newspaper headlines ("Goat Responsible for Power Outage," said one), and cutout pictures of movie monsters. It was quite a display.

I turned around slowly, taking in the room. His green plaid bedspread and curtains looked relatively normal, but the lamp on his bedside table was pure Cary. It was a miniature skeleton with a lightbulb held high in one hand.

I looked back at the bulletin board. I had to admit that it was pretty cool. Then my glance dropped to his desk. On top was an open notebook. I figured Cary must have started his homework while I interviewed his brothers. I bent over to look at it, wondering if he'd figured out how to do the math problems we'd been assigned that day.

It wasn't his homework.

It was more like a journal.

And once I started reading, I couldn't stop.

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