BSC Friends Forever #6:
Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap

ISBN 0-590-52337-6
144 pages; Ages 8-12

Too many ex-boyfriends!

Could Stacey's life get any crazier? Not one, not two, but five of her ex-boyfriends are converging on Stoneybrook over one weekend. From Toby, a long-ago summer boyfriend, to Ethan, her most recent older-boy ex - Stacey's going to have to do a lot of boy-juggling. And then there's Stacey's current boyfriend, Jeremy, who Stacey suspects is really in love with Claudia.

What's a girl to do?

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After lunch, I left the lunchroom with boys on my mind.

Maybe it was something about the new year.

First I'd resolved to contact Ethan.

Then Toby had popped up out of nowhere. And now he wanted to kiss me!

Next, Pete and I wound up working on this party together.

Then Robert joined. Robert - who had barely wanted to participate in anything since the first time I saw him - suddenly decided this was the time to get involved.

Adding to that, Wes, my big crush, had returned.

Now Sam.

And I couldn't forget Jeremy.

It was too much!

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