BSC Friends Forever #7:
Claudia Gets Her Guy

ISBN 0-439-14594-5
144 pages; Ages 8-12

The big love surprise.

Claudia felt she and Jeremy were made for each other. Then her best friend Stacey stole him away. Now Stacey and Jeremy are having second thoughts, and Claudia's having some thoughts of her own.

Claudia's on her way to getting her guy. But he might not be the guy she expects.

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Fifteen minutes later, my mom dropped me off in front of the main entrance to SMS. I bolted for my locker, hoping that Jeremy hadn't already passed by. His homeroom is in the same hall as my locker, so I see him nearly every morning.

I put my jacket away, then leaned casually against my locker, waiting. What would I say to him? How could I bring up the subject of his breakup with Stacey? I practiced a few possibilities in my mind. So, I heard you broke up. How does it feel to be free at last? Looking for a new girlfriend, by any chance?

Ugh. I decided it was better to be quiet and see what Jeremy had to say. I waited, excited and very, very nervous.

Finally, I spotted him walking down the hall in the middle of a crowd of boys. His hair looked shiny and clean, and he was wearing a red corduroy shirt that went beautifully with his eyes.

He saw me at the same time I saw him.

He smiled.

He gave me a little wave.

And he walked on by.

I felt one of the chopsticks fall out of my bun. And I felt my heart drop to the floor.

That wasn't what I'd expected.

All the time I had figured that now Jeremy and I would either be:
A) Friends or
B) More Than Friends.

I hadn't even considered possibility C): Less Than Friends.

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