BSC Friends Forever #9:
Kristy and the Kidnapper

ISBN 0-590-52343-0
144 pages; Ages 8-12

Kristy's in danger!

When Kristy and her friends went down to Washington, D.C., on a school trip, they expected to see some famous sites. But they never imagined they would be caught up in a big and dangerous mystery involving secret identities, dark revenge, and a surprise kidnapping attempt. Kristy is one of the only witnesses who could put the kidnapper behind bars. Can she stop him in time?

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Kristy and the Kidnapper

Two of the guards ran down the stairs toward the basement and the indoor parking garage. The other two ran up.

I had a gut feeling that I should follow the ones who headed downstairs, so I did. As soon as we burst through the door into the parking garage, I spotted David. The man in the dark clothes was dragging him toward a long black car. "There he is!" I yelled, pointing. The guards took off toward the man, who pushed David to the ground and took off, running.

"David!" I cried. "Are you okay?" I sprinted to help him as the security guards chased after the kidnapper. The young woman from the reception desk appeared next to me; she must have followed us.

"I'll help you," she said, taking David's other arm. We supported him as he rose shakily to his feet.

"Are you okay?" I repeated.

David thought for a minute. "I guess so," he said, sounding dazed. "Just a little bruised." He took a few limping steps. "I don't think anything's broken."

We helped him hobble back to the stairway. As we made our way back to the lobby, the security guards reappeared empty-handed.

They shook their heads.

The kidnapper was out there somewhere.

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