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Book Fairs

Programs: Let's Raise Readers!

Keep kids reading all year!

Kids all over Canada are reading more and having more fun doing it, thanks to fun-loving media specialists, teachers, and principals willing to do whatever it takes to inspire more kids to pick up a book!

When your students reach the reading goal, grant them a special privilege or perform a wacky stunt!

Check out these kid-approved ideas!

Reading Goals!

  1. Challenge students to read a certain number of books within a specific time frame.
  2. Set a number of minutes you want students to read over a predetermined period of time.
  3. Establish a goal for the number of books you want purchased by students at your Book Fairs.
  4. Use the FREE Book Fair Goal Chart in the Planning Kit (which will arrive with every Fair!) and set an amount of money you want your school community to raise for much-needed resources.

Remember to also solicit ideas from students and faculty members!

Wacky Stunts

  1. Get a full makeover with face, hair, and clothes created by student stylists.
  2. Face off against kids in a Guitar Hero® or Rock Band® challenge.
  3. Take on a team of students in a pie-eating contest.
  4. Agree to hold a snake or other creepy creature.
  5. Allow yourself to be the target of a water balloon toss.

Remember to also solicit ideas from students and faculty members!

Student Privileges

  1. Allow students to wear caps to school for the day.
  2. Reward students with a pizza party or ice cream social.
  3. Grant students an extra 30-minute recess.
  4. Let students be the teachers for the day.
  5. Allow students to watch a movie during the school day.


Download more FREE Let's Raise Readers! reading practice trackers!

Download a FREE copy of our Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life. brochure.

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