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Programs: Summer Reading Challenge

Reading Over the Summer Really Makes a Difference!

Research shows that kids who never crack a book during their summer break fall behind in reading while kids who do, maintain their reading skills and even excel.

How Can Your School Get Students to Read Over the Summer?

Engage your students in the Scholastic - Summer Reading Program! Our summer reading program will encourage kids to read for fun and help them avoid the learning loss that occurs when they traditionally "take a break from books."

Take the Summer Reading Challenge

This program consists of three no-cost elements and has everything you need to promote reading all summer long!


A Summer Reading Book Fair

  1. Celebrate the importance of literacy by hosting a second Book Fair during the school year. You'll earn an additional 10% in product bonus to purchase even more books and resources for your school.
  2. Hold a Buy One, Get One FREE event as your third Fair and ensure that every student has a well-stocked collection of books to read over the summer, PLUS encourage GREAT character development and compassion by touching the lives of less fortunate children in your community.
  3. Scholastic Book Fairs will donate 50% of your net sales, in books, to designated children’s hospitals in or near your community. For example, if your net sales are $5,000, we will donate $2,500 in books on your behalf!

Scholastic Summer Challenge Web Site

Summer Challenge

Engaging activities for students of all ages:

  1. Interactive reading minutes log
  2. Book recommendations
  3. Book-themed games
  4. Moderated message boards for chatting about books

Customized reading lists that teachers can create to send home for their students to read over the summer

Expert advice for parents on keeping their kids reading and helping them find books that fit their interests

Valuable reading resources for librarians and educators


Read for the World Record Challenge

Read for the World Record!
Program runs April – August

This interactive web-based challenge invites kids to join a global reading team to set a new “Summer Reading World Record” for the most minutes read.

See the stats!

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