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Book Fairs

Why Host a Book Fair? Testimonials

Book Talk-in-a-Box

"I love the Book-Talk-in-a-Box. It really helps get the students excited about the Book Fair."
Jennifer Rollings, Brampton, ON

"The Book-Talk-in-a-Box was a HUGE hit with the students. The featured books brought a great deal of excitement when the fair finally arrived and most of the featured books sold out. Great promotional tool."
Emily Hastings-Speck, Mississauga, ON

Connecting Kids to Reading

"The fairs for the next school year have been scheduled. These are, as always, anticipated with great excitement! Thank you for providing a valuable and unique service that combines fun, value and education."
Lynn Salter, Port Colborne, ON

"Great way to get more new resources, promote literacy, and get the school interested in reading."

Maximum Profits

"We are all amazed and grateful for the amount of product profit we can get back from the fair."
Karen Glaser, Calgary, AB

"I had a small, rural school that really promoted the program and took their $1,200 Fair to over $4,000."
Jackie Perrin, Book Fair Consultant, BC

Online Resources

"I really liked using the online Profit Worksheet for the first time. It was easy to follow and quick to complete."
Susan Canning, Richmond Hill, ON

"The online downloads were very helpful. We used the "PA Skit"; it was a great success."
Edwina Thomas, Dartmouth, NS

"I especially liked being able to download reproducible clip art."
Nancy Evans, London, ON

Classroom Wish List

"For our first Fair, we were very successful and the teachers were very pleased to receive so much for their classroom libraries."
Sarah Hone, Pointe Claire, QC

"We were able to fill all our teacher wish list cards. The students really love being able to buy something for their teacher and seeing it in the classroom."
Tania Boudreau, Yarmouth, NS


"I ran 5 different contests and built a lot of excitement in the school."
Lindsay Whitfield, Toronto, ON

"A daily draw, using the promotional allowance generated enthusiasm. Parent response was great for the Family Event door prize."
Bruce Hunter, Wasaga Beach, ON

Family Event

"Our family beach party night was a great success! Both parents and students came dressed for the beach. We had great snacks, games and lot of fun."
Tania Boudreau, Yarmouth, NS

"The family event helps bond families to their children's schools."
Terry Wilson, Treherne, MB

"Hosting an "Open House" for parents is always rewarding. Sales totals double during the 2-hour event!"
Adele Atkinson, Odessa, ON

"The Family Event was very exciting for the students, teachers and parents."
Jacqueline Quinn Rombotis, Mistissini, QC

Easy Setup

"All of the information given in the Planning Kit box and on the Internet (website) was very helpful. The "How-to" Guide was terrific, with step-by-step details."
Angie Awde, Woodstock, ON

"Set up was straight forward and very easy, equipment easy to use and an excellent selection of material. We will be booking again for next school year."
Rachael Fleming, Kelowna, BC

"All the boxes were well organized and easy to set up."
Nancy Nelson, Grassy Lake, AB

"The prices were very well marked on everything which made the cashier's job much easier."
Debbie Neilson, Acadia Valley, AB

Themed Planning Kit & Materials

". . . one day the library is the same and the next day . . . it's totally transformed into something fun and exciting like the beach or rainforest."
Laurissa Kowalchuk, Preeceville, SK

"The students and parents were excited and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of our Book Fair."
Janet Walsh, Kamloops, BC

"Again, thanks for table covers, book stands, and signage which add a cohesiveness to the room and the table displays."
Linda Buhler, Mitchell, MB

Simply the Best

"The staff at Scholastic Book Fairs is exceptional. They are to be congratulated and commended for their commitment to schools and students."
Gaynor Lim, Toronto, ON

"I can't say enough about Scholastic Book Fairs – they're a class act in every regard! Overwhelmingly, it was again a VERY successful fair!"
Anne Layton-Brown, Maple, ON

"The students, teachers and families love this event and I love chairing it!"
Terry Brooks, Smiths Falls, ON

"Our students love, love, love the Book Fair!"
Alana Kara, Scarborough, ON

"I received all my reorders when the book fair was picked up. Delivery and pick-up of book fair was excellent."
Jeannine Cobb, Calgary, AB

"I have had over 20 book fairs. Each one has been very successful."
Kirsten Erickson, Coquitlam, BC

"Thank you very much for the book donation. South Shore Big Brothers Big Sisters runs an In-School Mentor Program where we have put your books in Activity Boxes, and we have also given the books away as Christmas gifts."
Sandra Murray, Executive Director, Bridgewater, NS


"I think it was a successful week, due in large part to many knowledgeable volunteers."
Cindy Friesen, Niverville, MB

"The volunteers are fantastic; it would not be so successful without them."
Sara Gabrielli, Montreal, QC

"We had 10 students volunteer. They were great! They all had specific jobs and really love helping out and working their own book fair knowing that all profits go towards new books for their library."
President of Homes School, Saint John, NB

"Thanks to our Student Crew, we had a super time decorating and involving the whole school."
Deanna Willms, Calgary, AB

"I love reading books from the library, so I was very pleased when I was asked to be a volunteer to help other children enjoy books."
Brianna, grade 9 student, Truro, NS

The Best Books

"We really enjoy getting the additional modules to round out the selection offered."
Naomi McCulloch, Harriston, ON

"Found the selection of books right on for the students' interest. Good selection of teacher resources."
Angela Sakkalis, Etobicoke, ON

"There was a good collection of Canadian content, picture books and high interest books."
J. Maronitis, Scarborough, ON

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