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Circle of Magic by Tamora Pierce

Tris's Book

Scholastic Canada Ltd.
152 pages
Ages 10-15

The Story -

When Winding Circle comes under attack by Pirate Queen Pahua and her army, the four magicians-in-training unite in their powers to defeat the enemy.

Book 2 : Tris's Book - An Excerpt

She was pressed - jammed, really - into a corner formed by chunks of stone. Someone's knee poked her thigh on one side. Someone else's foot dug into her calf on the other. There were four of them, and a dog, trapped in a bubble in the ground. The first part of the earthquake was just fading, and the rest about to roll over them like high tide pounding the harbor walls.

Sweat poured down her cheeks and back. Half turning, she thrust her hands palm-flat on either side of a crack between the stones. Calling to the power inside her, she sent magic through the gap.

Earthwaves were coming her way, small ones in front, bigger ones behind. Their force heated dirt and stones, spreading everywhere. Her bones felt like huge rocks, pressed together so hard that something would have to give. They would slip alongside one another with a crash, forcing buildings and streets and whole cities into new shapes.

From Circle of Magic #2: Tris's Book, copyright © 1998 by Tamora Pierce.

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