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Heartland Special Edition: Beyond the Horizon

Mike shook Will's hand and barked out a laugh. "My brother rode that horse every day for the last six years. They were partners; always knew what the other was thinking. You're telling me that in a few days you can get through to the horse that deliberately broke his back?"

Amy felt shaken. No wonder Loup reacted this badly. It wasn't just any rider who abandoned him. It was the person he trusted more than anyone else not to let him down.

"Can you spare a minute, Mike?" Hank interrrupted. Amy had totally forgotten the ranch owner standing behind them. She waited for Hank and Mike to walk away together before she turned to Will. "I wish you hadn't said that. There's enough pressure already just to get Loup improved by the end of the week without signing him up for a cattle drive."

Will looked apologetic. "I'm sorry. Mike just really wound me up. I guess it was a dumb thing to promise."

Amy sighed. "It doesn't matter. Loup's destiny is in Hank's hands and I'm sure he won't be expecting him to be ready for the cattle drive. I'm just hoping to turn Loup around enough to persuade Hank to give him another chance. After that, the rest of his recovery will have to be taken over by someone else on the ranch while we go home."

Home. She had totally forgotten to call Ty and tell him what was goign on with Loup! Amy checked the time and knew that with the time difference between Arizona and Virginia, it would be too late to call now. I'll call him first thing in the morning.

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