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Heartland #12: Sooner or Later

"Colic!" Amy exclaimed.

"I called Scott," Lou said, looking worried. "He came over and gave Sundance an antispsmodic injection."

"I'll unload Storm, Amy," Ben said quickly. "You go check on him."

Amy ran up the yard. She felt sick at the thought of Sundance being in pain - and her not being there to comfort him.

She reached the barn. Ty was standing in Sundance's stall. The buckskin pony was moving from one leg to the other restlessly. Seeing Amy, he lifted his head and whickered.

"How is he?" Amy asked, going into the stall.

"A little better," Ty replied. "The injection seems to be kicking in."

Sundance pushed his nose into Amy's chest. Amy rubbed his golden ears, and he sighed deeply, as if relieved that she was finally with him.

"How did it happen?" she asked Ty.

"There doesn't seem to be any obvious reason," Ty replied. "About half an hour after you'd gone, I noticed that he was looking restless. The next time I came by, he was rubbing his belly up against the stall. Then he sort of collapsed and tried to roll. I got him back up on his feet and then called Scott. We couldn't find anything that might have triggered it. Scott thinks it's just one of those things. Maybe it has to do with the heat or his lack of works since he's been recuperating." He put an arm around her shoulders.

Amy felt a wave of guilt as the pony nuzzled her. "I should have been here," she said.

"You were only gone for half a day," Ty said reasonably. "It could just as easily have happened when you were at school or out shopping or something."

Amy gave him a funny look - when did she ever have time to go shopping? She kept stroking Sundance and didn't say anything.

Ty shook his head. "Come on. Don't beat yourself up over it. Everything's fine now."

Logically, she knew Ty was right, but somehow she felt worse knowing that she had been at a show, enjoying herself.

"Look, why don't you stay here with him for a while," Ty said. "I'll get back to work. With this happening, I'm way behind. Lou ad your grandpa have been great though. They did all the mucking out, but we've still got to exercise the horses. If you stay with Sundance, I can get started."

Amy nodded. "Thanks, Ty."

"No problem," he said.

Amy kissed Sundance's forehead and started to move her fingers in small circles on his neck. As she gently pushed his skin over his muscles, she breathed deeply and shut her eyes. If only she hadn't gone to the show. Still, she told herself as her fingers worked over Sundance's neck, I'm here now. That's all that matters.

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