Scholastic Canada | Deluxe Canadian Coin Collecting Album
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Deluxe Canadian Coin Collecting Album Read an excerpt

Deluxe Canadian Coin Collecting Album

By Laura Mahaney   and Tammi Salzano   Illustrated by Laura Beltre   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780545177399 Kit
32 Pages | 6.5" x 10" | Ages 7 & Up

The Deluxe Canadian Coin Collecting Album will show kids that anyone can be a numismatist. It will also explain that a numismatist is just a fancy word for coin collector. This rewarding pastime has its place in history, and now Canadian kids can start collections of their very own!

This entertaining and informative kit gives kids everything they need to become collectors, with a book that explains the history of coins and how they are made, and provides details on each coin to be collected. The album has space to snap in 69 coins, from the common circulation versions to the special commemorative coins produced for Canada's Centennial, through the Millenium, to the Vancouver Olympic Games. Don't be surprised to find your kids liftingsofa cushions, clearning out drawers, an demanding to see the change from the groceries as they enjoy the treasure hunt--and learn about Canadian history as they do it!