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Leaf Hunter

Leaf Hunter

By Marie-Clair La Flair   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780439956987 Paperback
52 Pages | 8.54" x 11" | Ages 7 to 10

A fun way to teach children about the trees in their backyard! What child doesn't love to collect leaves? Who hasn't traced the outline of a big red maple leaf? Whether it's to learn more about trees or to have somewhere to keep a leaf collection, here's the perfect interactive book. Children will learn about leaves from Canadian trees like the pine, oak, maple and more. Leaf Hunter will help children collect and press leaves, identify trees that grow in their own region, and make arts and crafts with leaves that they've gathered. By the time children have completed the book, they will have learned about 23 different types of leaves and trees. It's jam-packed with fun and learning!