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Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9781591749295
Ages 8 & Up

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Me Versus You: Head-to-Head Pencil Puzzles!

In this age of ear buds and video screens, there's something refreshing about an activity that promotes actual human interaction. Throw in a little humor, a little excitement, a lot of competitive buzz, and you've got more than just another backseat distraction. You've got the ultimate, low-tech, take-it-anywhere boredom buster.

It should be clear by now that Me vs You is more than a book. It's two books, actually. It's designed to be split into two hand-held pad-and-pencil sets, one for you, one for me. Pick an activity, flip to the corresponding page in each pad, and BAM! It! Is! On!

Prepare yourself for a one-on-one, head-to-head, mano-a-mano challenge. Even better, a whole big bunch of them. We took classic pencil games - word searches, jumbles, travel bingo, car window scavenger hunts, puzzles, speed mazes, and more - and added the thrill of competition. So go ahead, challenge your friend, your sibling, your airplane seatmate, even your parents. It is, after all, Me vs You.

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