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Monster Manners Read an excerpt

Monster Manners Canadian Title

By Hazel Hutchins   Illustrated by Sampar   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443100151 Paperback
24 Pages | 8.04" x 9.96" | Ages 3 to 6

How to behave at the table — if you don't want monstrous interference!

The monsters have invited a boy to dinner — and it's an enlightening experience! With minimum text — and tell-it-all art — children will learn how best to behave in a monster house.

Wash you hands first, or the slobber plant will drool on you.

Pass those plates politely, or the snapping turtles will strike.

hew with your mouth closed, or the flies will clean your teeth.

But when it;s time to be excused, both kids and monsters enjoy a wild and messy dessert—time in the backyard!