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Monster Mash

By David Catrow   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545214797 Hardcover
40 Pages | 8.81" x 11.33" | Ages 4 to 8

The "Monster Mash" was a graveyard smash—and now it's a picture book by David Catrow!

The "Monster Mash" gets Wolf Man, zombies, and other monsters to dance and party in this catchy, classic song. Dracula rises out of his coffin, vampires feast in the master bedroom, and the ghouls get a jolt from Boris's electrodes.

This "graveyard smash" caught on in a flash, and it became the hit of the land. The song, written in 1962 by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and Lenny Capizzi, has gone on to sell over 4 million copies. Fifty years later, David Catrow takes it to new heights as a picture book, with his fun and wacky illustrations that are sure to get kids singing and "mashing" along.