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My Big Brother, Boris Read an excerpt

My Big Brother, Boris

By Liz Pichon   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781407107066 Paperback
32 Pages | 8.49" x 10.25" | Ages 3 to 5

Little Croc and his big brother, Boris, used to be best friends. But lately Boris has turned into a grumpy teenage croc — all he does is eat, sleep and listen to loud music. Worst of all, he doesn't spend time with Little Croc anymore... What's a little brother to do? On his birthday, Boris gets a snout ring. His parents are horrified; there is a huge fight and Boris locks himself in his room, not even coming out for the party. Little Croc is worried that his family won't recover, until a visit with his grandparents gives him a way to remind his parents that they were once teenagers as well — and to remind Boris that little brothers can sometimes be the biggest help …until, of course, Boris gets a new haircut …