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By Michael Northrop   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545297141 Hardcover
256 Pages | 5.74" x 8.52" | Ages 8 to 12

A young slugger, part Wimpy Kid, part Rocky Balboa, gets hit by a pitch and needs more than practice to get back his game.

Sixth grader Jack Mogens has it all figured out: He's got his batting routine down, and his outfielding earns him a starting spot alongside his best friend, Andy, on their Little League team, the Tall Pines Braves. He even manages to have a not-totally-embarrassing conversation with Katie, the team's killer shortstop. But in the first game of the season, a powerful stray pitch brings everything Jack's worked so hard for crashing down around his ears. How can he explain to his parents and friends why he won't be playing? Readers will root for Jack as he finds the courage to step back up to the plate.

Raves & reviews:

Praise for Plunked

"Though there is well-written baseball action, this is really a story about a boy giving his lifelong dream serious reconsideration. An uncommonly thoughtful baseball novel." -Publishers Weekly

"Readers will appreciate this down-to-earth sports story that stays within its game, offering no theatrics and special effects, just a realistic story rooted in the writer's knowledge of the game and what it means to its young players." -Kirkus

"Well-developed characters and a strong narrative voice make this novel about much more than baseball...The dialogue is fresh, the pace moves nicely, and readers will enjoy seeing how Jack finally manages to get his head and his heart back into the game." -School Library Journal