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Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9780545346252
Ages 8 & Up

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Ribbon Bangles

For gorgeous, make-'em-yourself bracelets, it's a wrap

There's something about ribbon - its silky sheen, its yummy elegance, its magical powers. What magic, you ask? Ribbon has the power to transform everyday plastic bracelets into shimmering designer bangles. Gorgeous!

With Ribbon Bangles, anyone can make their own beautiful wrapped bracelets. The book details step-by-step directions for all kinds of knotting, twisting, and wrapping techniques. Combine them to make seven unique bangle designs, from crisscrossing spirals to vibrant swirls. We provide the sturdy, blank plastic bracelets, a bright array of ribbon, and a bottle of glue to hold it all together - everything you need to make a wardrobe of fashionable bangles. Wear a different one every day of the school week, or stack 'em all at once for major impact.

It all adds up to a basic craft with a big reward. But don't let the ease of this activity fool you. Ribbon bangles may be simple, but the're totally addictive. And we're thrilled to be all wrapped up in them.

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