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Song for a Princess Read an excerpt

Song for a Princess

By Rachael Mortimer   Illustrated by Maddy McClellan   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545248358 Hardcover
32 Pages | 9.4" x 11.32" | Ages 3 to 6

There once lived a little bird who loved words.
He loved them more than he loved worms.
Shiny words-"Star, Moon." Happy words-"Kiss,
Smile." Colorful words&mdasha;"Rainbow, Sunshine... "

Every day in the palace garden, the princess shares stories with her firend. The little bird loves these tales, and lines his nest with all the happy words he hears. But one day the princess falls sad and silent. Her friend has gone away.

What can the birds do to make her smile once more? The peacock shows off his beautiful plumes, the magpie brings silver and gold, the jackdaws put on an aerial show, but the princess barely lifts her head to look.

Then the little bird thinks of all the special words he tucked away. Stringing them together, he trills a soothing tune. The princess realizes she never has to be lonely-old friends can be found in comforting memories and, if she listens, new friends can be found for a song.