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Art & Drawing

Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9780545424820
Ages 8 & Up

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Splat Art: Blops and Dribbles in Need of Your Scribbles

Drawing is easy when you start with an un-blank page

At Klutz, we know that young artists find blank pages very intimidating. So we love that every spread of Splat Art features full-colour photographic images of your basic everyday stuff: fingerprints, fungus, paint drips, paper wads, cabbages, coffee rings, and more. Draw a few simple lines right on the page and — voila! — these messes turn into masterpieces.

To prevent "what-do-I-draw" anxiety, friendly line-drawn characters pop in from the margins to offer helpful ideas. Transform a frilly fern into a dinosaur. Build a button robot. Scare up some spooky tissue ghosts. Of course, those are just suggestions. You can — and should — draw anything you want.

A word of warning: Once you start seeing the world for its splat art potential, it's hard to stop. Ink splats become aliens, palm prints become elephants, butcher paper becomes penguin-populated icebergs. And you? Become an artist.Click here for more