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Still Crazy For Horses


  • Commended, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Our Choice, 2002

Still Crazy For Horses

By Shawn Hamilton   and Karen Briggs   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9780439987769 Paperback
40 Pages | 8.4" x 10.86" | Ages 7 to 12

Horse lovers of all ages will love this sequel to the best-selling Crazy for Horses, filled with facts and photos of sixteen of the world's most handsome and appealing breeds. Featured horses include the rare Akhal-Teke, the Bashkir Curly horse, the proud Clydesdale, and the nimble Exmoor Pony. Fascinating information on each horse explains their origins, temperaments, strength, and other details unique to each breed. Includes a special, removable, full-colour, double-page poster.