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The Chicken Doesn't Skate Canadian Title

By Gordon Korman   

Scholastic Inc | ISBN 9780545289252 Paperback
224 Pages | 5.25" x 7.58" | Ages 9 to 12

What do a scientist, a screenwriter, and a hockey team all have in common? A chicken!

Milo has a problem. He's trying to do a project on the food chain, so he charts the growth of a baby chick, and makes arrangements to serve his specimen to the judges at the science fair. But he's baffled by the rest of his class. They name the chick Henrietta. They sign up to take her home on weekends. They claim that she's a good luck charm, a friend, even the new hockey team mascot!

Milo just wants to win the science fair to impress his dad. But when the class finds out that Henrietta will be cooked and eaten for Milo's project, everyone panics!

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Praise for The Chicken Doesn't Skate:

"Korman has the voices of these middle—school kids down cold... This is genuinely funny, refreshingly unpretentious novel." — Booklist