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The Very Itchy Bear Read an excerpt Available in French

The Very Itchy Bear

By Nick Bland   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443163118 Paperback
24 Pages | 5.71" x 7.49" | Ages 0 to 5

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443104951 Hardcover
24 Pages | 9.73" x 10.15" | Ages 3 to 7

The Very Cranky Bear has an itch to scratch! The first time we met Bear, his cave was invaded by four playful animals, and this made him cranky. In The Very Itchy Bear there is just one creature bothering him — a persistent flea — and it's it’s making him very itchy! Bear runs over land and sea to escape the affections of this energetic insect, but Flea won't won’t let him go — he just wants to keep saying hello! . When Bear does successfully get rid of Flea, he finds that he . . . misses him? A beautiful and improbable new friendship is born!