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Klutz / Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN: 9780545396240
Ages 10 & Up

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Twirly Q's: Make Cute Creatures from Cardboard Coils

A brand-new book, a colourful new craft, and cute new friends — all rolled up in one

We're adding a few new faces to the Klutz family this season. They're colourful characters: small in stature but big in personality. And, even though they're a little tightly wound, you'll be happy to meet them.

Each of these irresistibly cute creatures starts as a handful of corrugated cardboard strips, in an assortment of rainbow hues. Wind strips into coils, then press them onto our custom shaping forms to create the round bellies and full dimension that bring each character to life. Next, easily assemble the pieces with our specially formulated tacky glue. Finally, add eyes and a few distinctive paper curls and flourishes. The results are totally charming: a sweet mouse, a spunky purple penguin, a decidedly plump bunny (to name just a few).

Our always-clear instructions and everything-you-need package guarantee success. Whether you make one of the adorable animals shown in the book or create a character of your own invention, you'll feel as proud as a peacock. A paper peacock, that is.Click here for more