Noah Z. Jones
About Noah Z. Jones

Noah Z. Jones is an author, illustrator, and animator, who creates all sorts of zany characters. He couldn’t wait to dig up some of his weirdest creations yet for the Land of Fake-Believe! Noah has illustrated many books for children, including Always in Trouble, Not Norman, and Those Shoes. Princess Pink and the Land of Fake-Believe is the first children’s book series that Noah has both written and illustrated.

About Princess Pink

Princess Pink does not like the colour pink. She does like dirty sneakers and mud puddles. While searching for green bean casserole one night, she falls through her refrigerator and into the Land of Fake-Believe where she goes on adventures with wacky, mixed-up fairytale characters!

Thanks to a wacky banana, energetic Clyde turns into a monkey when he gets excited! Branches Home

  • "Fledgling readers will agree with Princess’ bemused comment: “This Land of Fake-Believe is crazy-cakes!"
    - Kirkus, starred review

  • Illustration of gasping girl, looking into a refridgerator.
  • "…help young readers build confidence and reading stamina."
    - School Library Journal

  • Illustration of muddy spiders.
  • "…fills a niche for newly independent readers with advanced skills."
    - School Library Journal

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