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The Classrooms Care Goal

We believe every child deserves to have access to books they can own. That’s why we’ve committed to donating up to 100,000 books across Canada to children who need them most.

About the Classrooms Care Program

Classrooms Care is a special reading program that empowers students to read and make a difference. When students read 100 books by April 30, 2021, Scholastic will donate 100,000 books to kids who need them! The donation will be made in honour of your class with the help of Scholastic's literacy partners. Together, we can do our part to ensure all Canadian children get access to books they can own, thereby building a lifelong love of reading.

We've donated 1.8 million books books since 2005

Dog Man

Thanks to the participation of over 80,000 classrooms

Dog Man and Captain Underpants

That’s a total value of $9.5 million in books donated to children who need them most!

Kids with books

A note from
Dav Pilkey

Author and Illustrator of Dog Man and Captain Underpants Series.
2021 Classrooms Care Honorary Author Literacy Partner.

Dog Man and Captain Underpants

In my Dog Man series of books, I try to focus on positive themes including kindness, empathy, and the importance of doing good. I know that behind every great reader is a dedicated teacher, librarian, and parent. I truly believe that by inspiring your students to read every day, you are doing good and changing the world.

On a personal note, when I was a kid, I had a difficult time reading because of my dyslexia and ADHD. Fortunately, my parents encouraged me to read whatever books I wanted, which helped me to associate reading with love. With the Classrooms Care program, not only do kids learn about giving back to their community, they can also choose the books they want to read, allowing them to discover their own favourite books.

Happy Reading!

Your pal,
Dav Pilkey

A note from

Kids reading

With our Classrooms Care program, teachers, students and families along with their school and communities all across Canada come together to help ensure every child is given the opportunity to read and cherish their own books.

There is a great joy and power in the stories that fantastic authors like Dav Pilkey and others bring to children every day. Now more than ever, every child deserves to have this opportunity—to relish in stories, ignite their imaginations and to have a book to call their very own.

Nancy Pearson
President, Marketing and Publishing
Scholastic Canada