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Scholastic Reading Club

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This summer, don't forget that orders from teacher catalogues can ship to your home!

To have your order delivered to your home or an alternate address over the summer, or held for delivery in late August/early September, please call Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR ORDER. Customer Service is available Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm EST.

The following catalogues are available for you to order this summer:

  • 2015/2016 Classroom Reward Catalogue, until July 30, 2016
  • NEW 2016/2017 Classroom Essentials Catalogue, all summer and next school year
  • NEW 2016/2017 Les indispensables du prof, all summer and next school year

Student Reading Club offers are now completed for the year. We're hard at work getting ready for September, and we know you are too! As you plan for your new class, we hope having the teacher catalogues available will help.

ClubsOnline is also available all summer long for you to check the balance of your account or Bonus Bank.

Have a Great Summer, and Happy Reading!

Do You Want to Place Your Reading Club Orders Online?

Call Customer Service (English 1-800-268-3860, French 1-800-625-8583) for your ClubsOnline password today.

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm EST.

Once you have your password, visit our website and click on ClubsOnline. Click on Log-in to ClubsOnline and you'll be asked to input your Account Number followed by your ClubsOnline Password. (Note: some web browsers will ask for Name and Password, please input your Account Number and Password in these respective fields.)

Remember to LOG OUT to ensure your privacy and security online!

ClubsOnline is available exclusively to Canadian teachers sponsoring a Scholastic Reading Club. Not available to the public.

* ClubsOnline works best with Internet Explorer 6 or newer, Firefox 2 or newer and Safari 3 or newer, running on Windows XP, Vista or MacIntosh X.

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