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Reading Club Basics

Teacher Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Running Reading Club

    Q: How do I become a Scholastic Reading Club customer?
    Teachers, please call our Customer Service department toll-free at 1-800-268-3860 to receive your account number and additional information about Reading Club.

    Q: How do I run Reading Club?
    It's easy! Each month you'll receive your Reading Club kits. Keep the teacher's section and hand out copies of the student Reading Club flyer to students. You may wish to go over the flyer right in class so students can be directed to particular books that will interest them. Be sure to set a date for students to return their order forms to you. Collect the order forms and money as they come in. You can place orders online, or by phone, fax, or mail.

    Q: How do I keep track of students' orders?
    When you order online, enter the names of students beside the item they ordered. This information will print on your packing slip, making distribution of books easy!

    For orders submitted by phone, fax, or mail, make sure that each student's name is on their order form! Keep a Reading Club folder and file student orders in it until you actually place your classroom order. Then, when your order arrives, match books to student order forms and file away your packing slip and original order form for your reference. Write your customer account number, as well as the customer service telephone number [ENGLISH: 1-800-268-3860; FRENCH: 1-800-625-8583] inside your folder for easy reference.

    Q: How can I make ordering easier?
    Here are some terrific tips for making ordering easier:

    • Write the due date for students on their order forms, and post the date in the classroom. Give students a reminder a few days prior to the due date.
    • Enlist the help of a parent volunteer to organize and send in the orders. Have your parent helper set up a phone tree to remind everyone to get his or her orders in on time.
    • Get your students involved! Kids love to help hand out the flyers, collect orders and pass out the books. (You'll want to handle the money, of course.)
    • The hardest part is keeping track of the loose change. Encourage parents to use Parent Pay to pay by credit card, or to send in a cheque payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd.

    Q: How can I increase classroom participation?
    Here are some ways other teachers have increased classroom participation in Reading Club:

    • Kids love looking at the student flyer when it arrives. Have them point out books that especially interest them.
    • Allow students who are familiar with a particular book or author to share their enthusiasm.
    • Recommend one or two books to each student that you know they would like to read!
    • Go online to check out press and student reviews of books.
    • Remind students to bring in their order forms!

    Q: How do I get parents involved?

    • Send a letter home with the flyer reminding parents of the due date and benefits of ordering from Reading Club.
    • Let parents know how important a home filled with books is for creating a lifelong reader.
    • Remind parents that their child's order helps you get free books and materials that the whole class can use and enjoy.
    • Keep parents up-to-date on featured books that supplement what you are doing in the classroom.
    • Be sure to remind parents about Reading Club on Parent-Teacher nights.

    Q: I am homeschooling my children/I am a daycare teacher. Can I run Scholastic Reading Club?
    Yes! We will require a signed letter of verification from your School Board, Ministry of Education, a registered Home School Association Town Council or Online School Association stating that you are homeschooling your children, or a copy of your daycare license. School market restrictions apply to many of the books we offer, which means we cannot accept orders from home addresses except from a legal home school or daycare.

    Please remember to include the number of children, and their ages, and kindly forward your letter to:
    Database Administrator
    Scholastic Canada Ltd.
    175 Hillmount Road
    Markham, Ontario
    L6C 1Z7

    You can also email the verification letters or daycare licenses to Attention: Database Administrator.

    Q: How do I contact customer service?
    You can call us: Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST (English and French)
    English Number: 1-800-268-3860
    French Number: 1-800-625-8583

    Q: What do I need to do if I change schools?
    Let us know that you've moved! Call us at 1-800-268-3860 or email

    Q: What do I need to do if I am taking parental leave or an extended leave of absence?
    If you are taking parental leave, a leave of absence, or will be away from school for an extended period of time, please call Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 or email to let us know. This will stop all Reading Club flyers addressed to you from being mailed to your school. If someone will be teaching in your place, please ask them to contact us to set up their own account so that your class can continue to order from Reading Club.

    Q: What do I need to do when I return after being away from school on parental leave or any extended leave of absence?
    If you are returning to school from parental leave or an extended leave of absence, please call Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860 or email us at and we will reactivate your account immediately. It's as simple as that!

    Placing Reading Club Orders

    Q: How do I order from the Classroom Essentials Catalogue?
    Please visit our Teacher Store Online at to place your order or call customer service at 1-800-268-3860 (English) or 1-800-625-8583 (French).

    Q: Why are there two separate sites for ordering from Reading Club flyers and the Classroom Essentials and Les indispensables du prof catalogues?
    Items offered on the Reading Club flyers and in the Classroom Reward Catalogue are subject to school market rights, which means they are available exclusively to benefit teachers and classrooms. Separating the Reading Club flyers from the Classroom Essentials and Les indispensables du prof catalogues, which are available more widely, lets us offer an online shopping option for more of our customers.

    Q: How do I find specific information about my account?
    Visit Reading Club Online, Teacher Store Online, or contact Customer Service at or 1-800-268-3860

    Q: Can I order from more than one flyer at a time?
    Yes! Starting this school year you can include items for all the currently available flyers in a single order. Combine your orders across multiple flyers to maximize your rewards!

    Q: How do I place a Reading Club order?
    You can place a Reading Club order by mail, phone, fax, e-mail or online! Your books should arrive in 2-3 weeks. Many teachers hand out next month's Reading Club flyer as soon as the book shipment arrives, when interest in reading is at its peak.

    Order through the NEW Reading Club Online

    By Phone
    Call toll-free at 1-800-268-3860 (English) or 1-800-625-8583 (French).
    Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm EST

    By Mail
    Send your order and cheques payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd. to:
    Scholastic Canada Ltd.
    175 Hillmount Road
    Markham, Ontario
    L6C 1Z7
    Please do not send in your student order form(s). Keep them to help you distribute items when they arrive.

    By Fax
    Fax your orders to 1-800-387-4944. To fax Order Forms, fill in your name, address and customer number (if you have one). Just below the customer number, write in the total number of pages faxed.

    By E-mail
    You can e-mail your order to

    Q: Do you charge shipping and handling fees
    Shipping is FREE on all orders of $25* or more from the Reading Club flyers and teacher pages. In order to keep our books affordable for students, there is a $5.00** shipping charge for orders below this minimum.

    Orders from the Classroom Essentials Catalogue and Les indispensable du prof are subject to a Shipping & Handling fee of 10% of the order value (minimum of $6.00).**

    *Order value is based on the combined pre-tax total of every item you order at the same time, from both the students clubs and teacher catalogues.

    **Shipping charge is subject to all applicable taxes.

    Q: How can I eliminate the shipping fee on my Reading Club flyer orders?
    Submit your class order once per month to avoid multiple small orders, or consider adding an extra item to your order to reach the $25 minimum.

    Q: Can I pay my shipping fee with Bonus Coupons?
    Absolutely! If you can’t reach the $25 minimum order value, redeem Bonus Coupons to cover the cost of shipping.

    Q: Can I add to my order after I've placed it?
    Once your order is submitted online it cannot be changed; please submit a second online order for additional items. (The new order may arrive in a separate shipment.)

    If you placed your order by phone, you can make changes as long as you call in your additional items on the same day.

    Q: What do I do with the order forms my students give me?
    After you have tallied up the student orders on your classroom order form, please keep the student order form(s) in a safe place and use them to help you distribute items when they arrive.

    Spell Scholastic

    Q: Why can’t I find anything on Spell Scholastic?
    The Spell Scholastic program is not being offered this school year. Instead we are offering many new incentives such as Monthly Bonuses, Dollars to Spend Now and Student Incentives! Visit our new Reading Club Online for more details and to see what’s new every month!

    Q: Last year I earned the full $100.00 for Spell Scholastic from multiple clubs, how can I make up for this loss?
    This year, you have the opportunity to earn more rewards than ever, every month. You no longer have to wait until the end of the year to collect your rewards. By taking advantage of all of the monthly incentives, especially the Dollars to Spend Now, you will be able to earn free items every month to enrich your classroom library. To make it even easier to earn these rewards, we have lowered the minimum order value from $30 to $25. Visit our new Reading Club Online to place an order!

    Methods of Payment

    Q: Can I use one cheque to pay for more than one order?
    Yes, teachers (or parents) may use one cheque for all orders placed at the same time. Please include your Scholastic account number.

    Q: Do you accept credit card payments?
    Yes. Teachers may pay using their VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Parents can pay by credit card at

    Q: Do you offer telephone/internet banking?
    Yes, you can pay your Scholastic Reading Club balance by telephone/internet banking. Please contact your bank to set up your account.

    Currently the following banks are set up for this service with Scholastic: Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, Credit Union Central-British Columbia. Please inquire with your financial institution if your bank is not listed.

    Please note that Scholastic Canada does not charge a fee for these services.

    Q: Can I use my Bonus Coupons to pay an outstanding balance?
    Bonus Coupons can only be redeemed when you place an order, and they must be declared at that time in order to be used. They can not be applied to outstanding account balances.

    Reading Club Credit Notes

    Q: What are Reading Club Credit Notes?
    Reading Club Credit Notes are credits that can be used towards a future Reading Club purchase. They are given to customers when:

    • an item is out-of-stock, or an item is missing from a package
    • a customer is not satisfied with a product
    • an item is returned

    Q: How do I redeem a Reading Club Credit Note?
    If you or a student have a Reading Club Credit Note to redeem, simply indicate the value of the Credit Note in the “Paper Bonus Coupons, Credit Notes, and Book Certificates” section of the Rewards & Redemptions screen during checkout; then mail in the Credit Note with your payment and payment stub.

    Q: Do Reading Club Credit Notes expire?
    No, Reading Club Credit Notes do not have an expiry date.

    Scholastic's 100% Guarantee

    Q: What is Scholastic's 100% Guarantee?
    Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you want to return an item you ordered, we will be happy to give you an exchange, credit, or full refund.


    Q: How can I return merchandise?
    Send the product and a copy of your packing slip, or a note of explanation, to:
    Scholastic Canada Ltd.
    Attn: Returns Department
    175 Hillmount Road,
    Markham, ON
    L6C 1Z7

    In your note, kindly include the teacher's name, account number (if known), school name and address, and whether you wish to exchange the item or receive a credit or a refund.

    Any item may be returned. However, we do encourage you to let us know why an item has not met with your expectations so we can be more responsive to your needs. Returns generally take 4-6 weeks to process. If you would like an exchange, please call 1-800-268-3860 as soon as possible to expedite your request.

    Please Note: All electronics are CSA approved and come with a manufacturer's warranty. The Scholastic 100% guarantee applies for one month after receipt of the item after which time the manufacturer's warranty applies. To return an electronic item please contact Customer Service at 1-800-268-3860.

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