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Scholastic Reading Club

Special Offers

Welcome to Special Offers

Throughout the school year, you’ll find an amazing selection of Special Offers that celebrate the seasons and focus on specific subjects and skills. Loaded with beloved classics, hot new titles, the latest interactive learning technology, and great gift ideas, these offers are sure to delight!

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February Offers


Super! Heroes! Super! Helpers!

Super Heroes! Super Helpers! (K-3) is all about getting students excited about reading! This is easier than ever with the fun and engaging titles packed into this offer. Students can delve into book they love featuring characters they love!

Reading Saves the Day!

Reading Saves the Day! (4 & Up) is packed with best-selling graphic novels, chapter books full of action and adventure, fun nonfiction and so much more! There are tons of titles to choose from to keep students, even your most reluctant readers, engaged! SUPERcharge your students’ excitement for reading!

January Offers


Introduce your littlest learners to the world of reading this year with heart-warming stories and learning resources that build early reading comprehension & allow you to spend quality time together. Specifically for toddlers to 4 year-olds, you will find the most age-appropriate titles for your pre-readers here!

Celebrate Every Day!

Find the good in every day and learn about the world with a diverse selection of fiction and nonfiction titles for Grades K-6. When children read stories about courage and individuality they are inspired to stand up for something and embrace differences. With themed books for annual days and events, this offer provides great classroom discussion ideas.

Reading Club Goes to the Movies

Students Grades K-6 don’t need to go to the movies to be entertained! With favourite characters, fast-paced adventures, and latest titles, these books and activity kits are sure to capture the attention of even the most reluctant readers. Build reading comprehension skills with stories kids want to read!


A special club for students Grades 8 & up! With hot trending titles and themes, this age group will be enthralled to read advanced books with more mature and relatable content—now that’s something to gossip about!

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