Scholastic Canada | Conspiracy 365: MALICE

Conspiracy 365 | Callum Ormand has been warned. He has 365 days.


by Gabrielle Lord
192 pages | Ages 10 to 14 | 5 1/16” X 7 13/16”
ISBN 978-1-4431-2824-7 PBK

Cal, Winter, Ryan, and Boges lived through the 365 days it took to solve the Ormond Singularity, and then barely escaped from a lunatic bent on revenge.

Now, a secret from Winter's mysterious past has come back to haunt them . . .

With Cal away at flight school and a dangerous mystery to solve, will Winter be able to survive her own 30-day countdown? The clock is ticking, and any second could be her last...

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First published by Scholastic Australia.