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Heroes. Royalty. Villains and monsters. Deltora Quest has them all. Click below to find out more about your favorite character.

  • Lief

    The son of Jarred and Anna, Lief was born just after the Shadow Lord took over Deltora. He grew up on the streets of Del City, breaking curfew and evading the Grey Guards. When Lief turned sixteen, his father told him the story of his friendship with King Endon, and gave him the Belt of Deltora. Lief then set out on a quest he would never have dreamed possible, armed with a magic cloak sewn by his mother, and a fine sword crafted by his father.

  • Jasmine

    An orphan, Jasmine was stranded in the Forests of Silence at age 7 when her parents were taken by Grey Guards. Jasmine is used to living by her wits, and she has a very strong connection to trees and animals. Her constant companions are Kree, a raven, and Filli, a small, furred creature. Jasmine joined Barda and Lief on their quest when they came to the Forests of Silence to find the first gem.

  • Barda

    The son of Jarred and Endon's nursemaid Min, Barda was a Palace Guard when the Shadow Lord's evil plans began to hatch. He escaped the Palace, and found safety disguised as a beggar, living outside Jarred's home. Throughout Lief's childhood, Barda secretly acted as his protector, saving Lief from capture by the Grey Guards again and again. Barda would have preferred to search for the gems on his own, but as the two companions venture on their quest, he quickly comes to appreciate the aid and companionship of young Lief.

  • Jared

    Jarred grew up in the Palace of Deltora, as best friend and companion to the young Prince Endon, heir to the throne of Deltora. When Endon's father died and Endon became king, Jarred begged Endon to break the ancient Rule and wear the Belt of Deltora, as ancient kings had done. He was condemned as a traitor, and chased from the Palace.

    Jarred has pledged to return the Belt of Deltora to the rightful heir to the throne. When an accident made it impossible for him to embark on the quest himself, he sent his son in his place.

  • Endon

    Prince Endon grew up in the Palace with his companion, Jarred, and was crowned King of Deltora as a young boy. He was the last King of Deltora before the Shadow Lord took over. When he realized what was happening, Endon called on Jarred for help. It was too late. Their only hope was to hide Endon and his pregnant wife, find the gems for the Belt of Deltora, and return it to the rightful heir to the throne.

  • The Shadow Lord

    Several generations ago, a mysterious evil force appeared from the Shadowlands bordering the land of Deltora. A strong blacksmith named Adin, wearing the magical Belt of Deltora, and supported by the seven tribes of Deltora, defeated the evil. But the Shadow Lord waited, and his minions served him secretly in the Palace of Deltora. Over time, the Kings and Queens of Deltora became distant from the power of the Belt and the people of Deltora. Finally, the Shadow Lord returned to destroy the Belt that Adin had crafted, and vanquish the land he had saved.

  • The Four Sisters

    The Four Sisters Hidden throughout Deltora the Four Sisters are dark and deadly beings. They use their haunting and relentless songs to slowly kill. There is a Sister of the North, Sister of the East, Sister of the South and Sister of the West. The location of each sister is marked on map, but the map is in pieces. The Shadow Lord, who employs the sisters to destroy Deltora's land and people, has hid each piece. With the help of the Dragons the Sisters can be destroyed and prosperity returned the lands each sister works to devastate.

  • Ruby Dragon

    One of the seven remaining dragons, the Ruby Dragon lives in the East of Deltora in the territory of the Ruby. Asleep and waiting in Dragon's Nest, the Ruby Dragon can only be woken by the Belt of Power. Once woken the Ruby Dragon can help stop the evil Shadow Lord, and restore the land.

  • Topaz Dragon

    The first of the seven remaining dragons woken by the Belt of Power, the Topaz Dragon lives in the Topaz territory in the south of Deltora. The Topaz Dragon explains the oath to Dragonfriend made by the seven dragons. Like the six other dragons, the Topaz Dragon has the power to destroy the evil that poisons the land.

  • The Lapis Lazuli Dragon

    The Lapis Lazuli Dragon lives behind a giant waterfall in the mountains that border the Shadowlands. Although he is smaller than most other dragons, he is also smarter and more fearless in many ways. What the Lapis Lazuli Dragon lacks in size, he makes up for with intelligence, cleverness, and courage.

  • The Emerald Dragon

    The Emerald Dragon is the fourth of the seven remaining dragons, and he lives near Shadowgate, in the northern region of Deltora. He is large and powerful, and he has bright green eyes and breathes hot green fire. The Emerald Dragon will do anything to honor his pledge to Dragonfriend to help rid Deltora of evil forever.

  • The Amethyst Dragon

    The Amethyst Dragon is a vibrant purple, just like the amethyst stone on the Belt of Deltora. When Lief finally finds him, the Amethyst Dragon is hidden beneath his sand refuge in the Sleeping Dunes on Deltora's west coast. After he is revived, the Amethyst Dragon proves to be a very valuable friend.

  • The Diamond Dragon

    When Lief, Barda, and Jasmine finally meet the Diamond Dragon in the western region of Deltora, they find something completely different than what they had expected. But, as they have learned before, sometimes a good ally can come in an unexpected form.