Scholastic Canada - Deltora Quest

Deltora: A land of magic and monsters. Home

The Dragons of Deltora Adventure

    Defeat the last of the Four Sisters!
  • NEW! Level 3
    Battle the third of the evil Four Sisters!
  • Level 2
    Continue in your quest to conquer the Four Sisters.
  • Level 1
    Help Lief destroy the Sister of the East!

Join the Quest

From start to finish, follow the footsteps of Lief, Bard, and Jasmine and build your own Belt of Deltora.

  • Knowledge of the Deltora Quest series is helpful for completing your quest! So read the books!

Quest Challenges

Here are some of the challenges you will find in the land of Deltora. Practice here before you begin your quest!

  • Beat the Bird
    Step right up! Let the bird spin the wheel to see if you can win enough money to stay in the lovely Champion Inn!
  • The City of Rats
    Ugh! Do you have enough firebeads to keep the rats from swarming you all night long?
  • The Maze of the Beast
    He's big, he's slimy, and he's COMING! Find the right path to escape the slug villain Glus.