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My Big World
with Clifford


8 pages

Here's what My Big World helps you teach your little learners:

  • Your Thematic Units: Introduce seasonal science and social development themes with big, bright photos and simple nonfiction.
  • Vocabulary: Grow big vocabularies with key words like autumn and respect.
  • Social Development: Discussion questions cover core social development areas for young children, such as being kind and sharing.
  • Movement: Fingerplays, sign language, and other kinetic learning activities help wiggly kids learn.
  • Language: Rhyming songs and poems build phonological awareness.
  • ABCs and Numbers: Make early childhood learning fun with simple activities that teach letters, counting, patterns, and shapes.
8 issues per school year 10+ subscriptions $12.00 each
For orders with 1–9 copies, please call 1-888-752-4690 for pricing.
Teacher's Edition free with orders of 10 or more.
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