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Advanced ELL

32 pages

Current's use of language and wide coverage of issues in the English-speaking world will satisfy students who want to push their knowledge and language skills to a very high level. Current provides an excellent balance of longer articles for more extensive reading on a subject and shorter articles for information and amusement. Topics include interviews, analysis of current affairs, literary extracts, and news from the world of entertainment. Each magazine contains four pages of content-related activities for added linguistic development.

The first and fourth issues include a Teacher Activity CD.

Also, free to all ELL and Language Studies student magazine subscribers and teachers with 10 or more student subscriptions, Magazines Plus!

An exciting, rich website featuring:

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  • Over 5,000 downloadable and printable resources—for students and teachers!
  • Fully searchable by level, topic, and language point
  • For use in the classroom or at home
  • Downloadable songs, dialogue, and interviews
  • Instant lessons
5 issues per school year 10+ subscriptions $12.00 each
For orders with 1–9 copies, please call 1-888-752-4690 for pricing.
Teacher's Edition free with orders of 10 or more.
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