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ELT Readers

27 Titles That Support the English Language Learner Magazines!

ELT Reader Description

Contemporary film and TV adaptations, original fictions, and classic literature for teenagers learning English.
  • Inspiring full-colour graphics and creative formats such as blogs, manga stories, and comic strips
  • The People & Places spreads set the scene and introduce key characters
  • Magazine-style Fact Files include interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and themes developed in the book
  • Self-Study Activities let students check comprehension as they progess

• Scholastic ELT Readers Library Pack (1 copy each of all 27 titles): $156.00
• Individual Books: $6.00

Multiple covers from ELT readers
Starter Level >
Up to one year of English
Starter Level Pack (1 copy each of 3 titles): $18.00

Blog Love
Robin Hood

Level 1 >
1–2 years of English
Level 1 Pack (1 copy each of 7 titles): $42.00

Merlin & Arthur
Hotel for Dogs
Billy Elliot
Little Women
Monster House

Level 2 >
2–3 years of English
Level 2 Pack (1 copy each of 10 titles): $60.00

Mask of Zorro
Nelson Mandela
Great Expectations
Jane Eyre
Romeo & Juliet
Sense and Sensibility
Time Jump
Kieran's Karate
Sherlock Holmes

Level 3 >
3+ years of English
Level 3 Pack (1 copy each of 7 titles): $42.00

Life of Pi
Imitation Games
Black Gold
Iraq in Fragments
Steve Jobs
Bob Marley
Pride and Prejudice

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