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Welcome to Magazines Plus—an entirely new way to get your students excited about learning English!

FREE with all student subscriptions!
FREE for teachers with 10 or more student suscriptions

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Your students' world is changing and so is the way they learn. Now you can offer your students a resource that reflects their lives and interests, and will inspire them to take their English to the next level! Magazines Plus combines the best of traditional magazine subscriptions with an interactive, regularly updated website, packed with extra learning resources.

The website offers you thousands of teacher resources, audio files, and lesson support, and your students get access to graded news articles on a weekly basis. Our controlled, safe environment is the perfect place for students to make friends and practice their English with other magazine readers from around the world. The magazine subscription, delivered directly to your classroom throughout the year, offers the perfect blend of extended reading on teenage subjects, culture, interactivity, and revision material. It's the perfect combination for classroom and independent study.

For teachers:

  • Full-colour magazines, CDs, and teacher's notes to support and extend your teaching—delivered directly to your classroom!
  • Over 5,000 easy-to-search downloadable activity sheets
  • Superb listening activities to download
  • Free preview with 10 free downloads—just go online

For students:

  • Their own magazine subscription to extend and reinforce their English in a way that reflects their lives and interests
  • A safe, secure network to use their English to talk with other students around the world at a level appropriate to their magazine
  • Real news articles from the English speaking world, graded to five levels and updated weekly
  • Monitoring and guidance: our online English coach tracks their use of English and offers friendly learning advice
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