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  • Dom Pelletier

    Dom Pelletier photo

    December 18, 2019
    11am or 1pm EST

    Amount required to book the visit: $750 in Product Rewards

    Dominique Pelletier is the illustrator of 100 blagues! Et plus… and Mots mystères. He is also the creator behind the Fables réinventées, Je suis capable! and Nous conjuguons series! Dominique Pelletier (or Dom Pelletier) has now embarked on a wacky adventure and launched a new 5-volume graphic novel series, Les Timbrés!

    The Author visit includes a 30 minute Skype chat with the author and 50 signed copies of Les Timbrés 1. Once you fill the form, a Scholastic representative will contact you within five business days to confirm your order. $750 will be deducted from your Product Rewards balance.

    Dom Pelletier's book cover

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