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Treasure Hunt
Jean Marzollo's engaging rhyming riddles and Walter Wick's incomparable photographic puzzles will keep young readers enthralled, as they search for hidden objects and hunt for treasure in the first all-new book in the best-selling I Spy series in two years!

Welcome to I Spy Harbor, where, with the help of a pirate's treasure map, you can find your way from one spectacular location to the next, including an idyllic waterfall, stormy Lighthouse Point, and creepy Skull Rock . . . all on the way to discovering a treasure trove of gold and jewels!


I Spy Treasure Hunt

Cartwheel Books/Scholastic
ISBN: 0-439-04244-5
Try a Riddle
The picture riddle below is selected from I Spy Treasure Hunt. Can you find all the objects listed below in red ?