Shockwave download instructions

To play this game you will need Shockwave version 7. If you need to download Shockwave 7 click on the button below - but you may not need to. If you've downloaded Internet Explorer or Netscape recently, you don’t need to download Shockwave 7, because the latest versions of these browsers come with Shockwave installed. (Version 4.01 of Microsoft Internet Explorer does, and so does Netscape Navigator 4.) If you already have Shockwave installed on your computer, but you’re not sure what version it is, you can find out by going to Going to this site may trigger an automatic installation of Shockwave to your computer.

You really don’t have Shockwave? You’re missing out! There’s a lot of great stuff on our site and on other kids sites that you can only view and play with Shockwave. To get Shockwave, click on the button below and follow the download and installation directions. (For additional help go to It takes a few minutes to download, but the good news is that Shockwave 7 comes with an auto-update feature, so once you install version 7, you'll never need to install Shockwave again. Shockwave will automatically install itself on computers that use Windows Internet Explorer. Mac users will need to install Shockwave once they download it (double click on the program icon to install). Mac users take note: Shockwave 7 requires a Power Macintosh (includes iMacs) running System 7.6.1 or later.

Get Shockwave

Got Shockwave 7? Now you’re ready to play!