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Robert Munsch

Aaron's Hair

By Robert Munsch
Illustrations by Alan & Lea Daniel

Ages 3 - 7
32 Pages
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 9780439987165 Paperback
ISBN 9780439956093 Book and CD package
Also available in French: La tignasse de Max

Aaron is having a BAD HAIR DAY. But when he gets mad and yells at his hair, he ends up with an even bigger problem - his hair runs away from home! How is Aaron going to get his hair back on his head?

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About the story

In 1976, Robert Munsch was teaching at a nursery school and Aaron was in his class. Aaron always had messy hair that was very hard to comb, and he came to school dressed in a suit and tie. Lots of kids in nursery school have messy hair, but they do not have messy hair AND wear a suit and tie! Munsch made up a story for Aaron where his hair ran away.

Fifteen years later Munsch tracked Aaron down. He was living in Toronto and was the leader of a rock band. His hair was even messier than when he was a little kid! And messy-haired Aaron and his band played music at the Aaron's Hair book launch.

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