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Robert Munsch

Put Me in a Book!

By Robert Munsch
Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Ages 3 - 7
32 Pages
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 9781443100809 Paperback
ISBN 9781443100793 Hardcover
ISBN 9781443100830 Book and CD package
Also available in French: Mets-moi dans ton livre!

Hailey is really excited when a writer puts her in a book. But being in a book isn’t as much fun as it sounds. And how is Hailey going to get OUT again?

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About the story

Put Me in a Book! was inspired by a Grade 2 class that wrote a letter to Robert Munsch. He sent them back an unpublished story called "The Book" and the class created their own oversized, laminated version of the story, illustrated with photographs of the whole class and including a photocopied "Robert Munsch" mask as a stand-in for the author.

Munsch loved the class's book so much he sent it to his editor at Scholastic. But he had lost the letter that came with the book, so she set out to track down the classroom using the teacher's name and clues that were in the photographs. At last she found Madame O'Dell at Laurentian Public School in North Bay, Ontario. Madame O'Dell and her class were thrilled to be part of their very own book.

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Image credits:

From Swamp Water. Text copyright © 2013 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations © 2013 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.

From Too Much Stuff! Text copyright © 2010 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations copyright © 2010 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.