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Robert Munsch


By Robert Munsch
Illustrations by Michael Martchenko

Ages 3 - 7
32 Pages
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
ISBN 9780545980203 Paperback
ISBN 9780545980197 Hardcover
ISBN 9780545980234 Book and CD package
Also available in French: Grrrros lions!

When Isaac and Elena read a book about lions, all they want to do is ROAR! But being the king of the jungle on the school nature walk might not be such a great idea . . .

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About the story

Robert Munsch made up this story in 1992 at a daycare in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, on the same day that he made up Lighthouse. For a long time the story was called "Growl," and it didn't have a specific kid in it. Then, all of a sudden, Scholastic wanted to publish it as a book, and he needed a kid! He had been sick and was stuck in his house getting better, so he got up and walked across the street to a family that he knew and asked if they wanted to be in a book. They said "Yes!" There were two kids, Isaac and Elena, so he changed the story to a two-kid story and it was even better that way.

When he tells the story, the audience joins in louder and louder each time he says "ROAR!"

ART ALERT! Did you notice which book is lying on the floor beside Elena? It's Just One Goal!

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From Swamp Water. Text copyright © 2013 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations © 2013 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.

From Too Much Stuff! Text copyright © 2010 by Bob Munsch Enterprises Ltd. Illustrations copyright © 2010 by Michael Martchenko. All rights reserved.