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Nowhere to Turn

Nowhere to Turn

by Norah McClintock

ISBN 9780545997300 Paperback
240 Pages | 5.03" x 7.65" | Ages 13 to 17

Robyn is shocked when she finds out that Nick is back in town and in trouble again. An elderly friend, Mr. Shuster, with whom Nick has been staying, has had a stroke and is in the hospital. Mr. Shuster's family showed up, kicked Nick out, and later accused him of theft, when it was discovered that Shuster's very expensive coin collection was missing. Now, with evidence against him, Nick has been arrested and could actually be facing jail time. Despite her good relationship with Ben, Robyn is still both hurt and angry that Nick left months ago without saying goodbye. And Nick, ho knows she's seeing Ben, and is just as hurt and angry that Robyn didn't wait for him. He is reluctant to let her back into his life, but eventually realizes he needs her, and her father's help, more than ever. The tension between them remains, but Robyn investigates to uncover the truth of the theft, and realizes she believes in Nick's innocence. However, the dangerous nature of the real culprit is revealed when she is assaulted. Once again, her involvement with Nick is going to hurt her, but this time, it's her life — and her heart — on the line.

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  • English (US) - Lerner
  • French - Éditions Hurtubise

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