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Shh! My Brother's Napping

Shh! My Brother's Napping

ISBN 9781443119931 Hardcover
32 Pages | 10.28" x 10.29" | Ages 3 to 7
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There's nothing better than a sleeping child — and nothing harder than keeping an exuberant sibling quiet for that precious naptime.

"Shh! My brother's napping. He really needs his sleep," admonishes our adorable narrator at the outset of this story. But there are pots to bang, books to read, towers to build, pictures to paint, and all sorts of fun to be had. It's just so hard not to make any noise!

After a tower of books and blocks comes crashing down, little brother is wide awake and it's finally time to bring out the rest of the toys and have some fun! But who's that yawning now? This time, it's little brother's turn to tell us, "Shh, my brother's napping."

Ruth Ohi's expressive art captures a scene familiar to every young family in this charming book that will delight children and parents alike.

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Praise for Ruth Ohi:

“A playfully oblique exposition of the perils and pitfalls of sibling rivalry.” — Kirkus Reviews

"An often-humorous story about a young boy who has his brother’s best interest at heart, even if he doesn’t always go about showing it in the right away.” — The National Post


  • Commended, OLA Best Bets, 2014
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2014


Rights Sold

  • English (US) - Kane Miller
  • French (N. Amer.) - Éditions Scholastic
  • French (World ex. N. Amer.) - Mijade
  • Korean - Dongsim
  • Spanish - Picarona
  • Turkey - Arkadas

Selling Points

  • Ruth Ohi is one of Canada's premier illustrators for kids
  • She's a very effective promoter, active in school and library circuits.
  • Her art exudes energy and joy.
  • The familiar sibling dynamics will resonate with families.


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