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Haunted: Field of Screams

Haunted: Field of Screams

by Joel A. Sutherland

ISBN 9781443163231 PBK
160 Pages | Ages 8 to 12
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A heart-stopping tale of the paranormal — the latest in the series!

Darius is looking forward to a visit from his cousin, Ryan. They were close, but haven't seen each other in some time. The two decide to visit Fall Fright, a local farm that morphs into a Halloween attraction each fall. The boys had loved it when they were younger.

But the farm has changed — it’s fallen on hard times. As they explore, they become disoriented and are soon lost in the corn maze. They start to panic, but then stumble upon a younger boy who seems even more lost… not in the maze, but in this plane of existence! Will Darius and Ryan become the new victims of the corn maze?


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2019

Rights Sold

  • English (India) - Scholastic India
  • English (US) - Sourcebooks

Selling Points

  • Scary stories are popular all year, especially for camping and bedtime
  • Horror writer and librarian Joel A. Sutherland brings a fresh approach to scary.
  • The books focus on paranormal activity


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