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Not Me

Not Me

by Elise Gravel

ISBN 9781443181747 Hardcover
32 Pages | Ages 4 to 10
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A hilarious twist to the perpetual question: Who made this mess?

When Dad asks who left socks all over the place, a brother and sister insist that it was “Not Me.” Dad is quite sure that the kids are not telling the truth, until he is introduced to Not Me, who in turn accuses Not True, who exposes the real sock bandit: Not Fair. Monsters personifying a child’s typical responses brilliantly address the act of blaming others and excuse-making by focusing on the humour of the situation.

Parents and caregivers will appreciate this highly relatable book just as much as children.

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  • French (N. Amer) - Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

  • Both parents and kids will laugh at this unexpected take on a common sibling protestation.
  • Features a diverse family and parenting from a very relatable dad.
  • Gravel’s signature wit infuses both story and illustrations.


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